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Lucky Dube 1964-2007

Fans worldwide are mourning the tragic loss of reggae star Lucky Dube. Lucky Dube was murdered last night in a car jacking in Rosettenville in Johannesburg. Lucky Dube had released a total of 22 albums over the past 25 years. His record label Gallo Record Company issued a statement on the Lucky Dube official website.
Although Lucky attempted to escape the scene, he had been fatally wounded from the hijacker's attempt to steal his motor vehicle, and he died almost instantly. Senseless and random, the death of Lucky Dube leaves a great void in the music industry, as 25 years of music suddenly ends in tragedy.

South African born but globally revered, Lucky Dube was one of the country’s most toured and beloved artists ever. His music touched millions around the world, primarily through his 22 recorded albums - in Zulu, English and even Afrikaans - many of which have been record breakers with phenomenal sales from around the globe.
Lucky Dube was known worldwide. He was one of South Africa's most celebrated musicians. The BBC reports that Lucky Dube's friend TK, a music producer at TS records, called the senseless killing tragically ironic.
"The whole continent has lost a performer, musician, a guy that fought for freedom in his own way, in his own right, was just shot by some guy who wanted to take his car, you know, which is Mickey Mouse really," he said.

Opposition parties and the youth wing of the ruling African National Congress party have called on the government to take drastic measures against crime.

Callers to radio stations have urged the country's rugby team to show some form of respect when they take to the field in Saturday's World Cup final against England in Paris.

President Thabo Mbeki is attending the final and took time to pay tribute to the dreadlocked reggae star before he jetted off to France.

"It's indeed very very sad that this happens to an outstanding South African, an outstanding musician - world renowned," he said.
Lucky Dube was a victim of a a growing crime problem in South Africa. The Times Online says shocked callers jamed radio airwaves complaining about the recent crime wave in South Africa and the government's inadequate reponse to it.
Shocked callers jammed late night radio phone in shows to lambast the government for failing to tackle crime.

In a sign of what is certain to become a national issue, caller after caller accused government ministers and President Thabo Mbeki of abandoning the people.
Lucky Dube once gave the following quote about rastafarianism: "If Rastafarianism is about having dreadlocks, smoking marijuana and believing that Haile Selassie is God, then I am not Rastafarian. But if it is about political, social and personal consciousness, then, yes, I am."

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Posted on October 19, 2007

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